10 Reasons Why You Need To Buy a Solar Generator

One obvious advantage of a solar generator over a fuel-powered one is that they provide the eco-friendly, “green” alternative. The capacity to generate power without fuel is not only great for the environment, there is also the financial benefit that stems from not having to buy propane, gasoline, or some other fuel source.

Apart from translating to savings on electricity bills on the long-term, owners of a solar generator get to build for themselves an independent power generation system that is dependent mainly on sunlight and parts that function correctly.

With reliability, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness as its major advantages, here are 10 other reasons why you should be using a solar powered generator;

  1. Generates cheaperportable-solar-generator-2 energy – A calculation of electricity cost per watt over a period of 5 years, taking into consideration maintenance costs, shows that a solar powered generator is increasingly cheaper to run than a fuel-powered generator.
  2. Perfect for camping – the smaller or portable solar generators are widely available for your camping needs.
  3. Ideal for summer – Solar powered generators are perfect in the summer sun, and the fact that they do not generate heat makes them suitable for hot climates without the risk of heat-related fire incidences or discomfort.
  4. Reduces utility bill and reliance on the grid – Even if you are able to generate just 25% of your electricity needs at home via your solar panels, it would still translate to a big reduction in your energy bill every month.
  5. No deadly fumes – With fuel generators, there is a high possibility of the buildup of carbon monoxide fumes that could be fatal when they are not used in well-ventilated spaces. There are no such risks with solar powered generators.
  6. Harmless carbon footprint – With solar powered generators, there is zero production of environmentally harmful by-products and greenhouse gases.
  7. Dependable when there is no fuel – In situations where fuel is not easily accessible or in emergencies, solar powered generators are quite reliable.
  8. You can sell your excess electricity to Utility companies – If your setup has enough panels to generate more electricity than you need, you can direct the excess power to the grid and get monthly payments from the utility company.
  1. More portable and compact – The flexible setup and slender panels of a solar powered generator make it a better option when compared to the smallest fuel-powered generator which is bulkier.
  2. Power storage ability – A solar powered generator comes with a battery bank for power storage, while a fuel-powered generator will only supply power while running.