Childrens Loft Beds

Children’s loft beds are a newly emerging type of bed to hit the current world market, but what exactly is a loft bed?

Well just to clear things up, this type of bed doesn’t actually sit in the loft nor have its home there at all – the ‘loft’ part is in reference to the height. You see this type of bed isn’t like a regular bed which is sat just slightly of the ground, but it’s considerably taller – easily a metre or more of the floor. It also needs a ladder in order for the occupant to actually climb up to the bed which makes it similar to a bunk bed – but without the bottom bunk.


The advantage of this type of bed of course is that the space that a regular bed would occupy isn’t wasted, and can, in fact be used for storage. Whereas a regular bed would cover the surface of the floor it occupied making it unusable, children’s loft beds leave a considerably space which can be utilized for numerous different purposes. For example, a desk with a computer or television could be placed under the bed which would free up space elsewhere in the room. There’s also the option to simply add in a low bookshelf, or storage boxes meaning that books or toys can be stored underneath – significantly reducing clutter; which is an ever-present problem in children’s rooms.

Not only this, but considering how much it benefits you it’s also not much more expensive than regular beds – and yet it comes with all the bunk bed benefits. For example, a lot of children enjoy sleeping of the ground and climbing a ladder to go to sleep. It makes bed time less of a choir and more something to be enjoyed instead of hated. This makes the life of parents that little bit easier in the short time, which makes it that large bit easier in the long term. Little differences such as the room always being much tidier due to extra storage space can have a beneficial effect on the mental health of parents who are usually stretched and pushed to the limit with their children.

Not only does it have its benefits to the parents, but children can see it as a gift or present for being well behaved. It’s a positive reward for positive behavior and it will only have positive repercussions for the future. If you want to learn more about this type of bunk bed, then go to Grand Home Design.